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Max Planck: The Pedigree Effect


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----- Original Message Was:

I hope that [ The Pedigree Effect ] The Blue Line ] V-V/IQ Genetics ] Officer Brown Effect ] Flickr: grussell903's Photostream ] Picasa Web Albums - Gerald ] grussell903 Wordpress Blog ] My Zooomr "grussell903" Photos ]you can hit the links.... I am in the process of constructing some documents but I can always be reached at my phone num. in the evenings. Someone thinks that they own me and does not understand the word ADULT.  This person has not raised me since age 4.5 years. THERE IS NO OPENING BID ON MY LIFE. PERIOD.


    This person does not understand the word testosterone receptor this is hard wired into mammals and this is why you cannot flip straight, bisexual or gay. WHY EVEN OPEN UP THIS IS A MYTH.


You cannot flip David Bowie or Madonna or Dennis Rodman or Vanessa Williams they are adults. Why is someone trying to get inside my life anyway? They believe a myth that’s why and are medically and psychologically unsophisticated.


NO signs and symptoms of infectious DX can be demonstrated on the human body. The signs and symptoms keep on recurring while the stupid homophobic family drags their feet letting the GOP cap all the pain and suffering awards to $250.000.



IN MISS where Ronnie Musgrove was the governor (Now it's Halley Barbour-GOP) the GOP can’t get past his veto, but it’s just only a matter of time. NO ONE WOULD EVER VOTE TO CAP THEIR OWN GENETIC POTIENTIAL AT $250,000 WHEN THEY COULD GO VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED!!





 Height in a family is inherited like the tall person and the short person and the one in between. So is skin color, the lightly complexioned person and the darkly complexioned person and the one in between.

So is I.Q. You have the smart person in the family and the one that is not so smart and the one in between.


JUST HOW MANY SHORT CHILDREN DO YOU THINK THAT YAO MING (7’5” NBA CENTER) IS GOING TO HAVE WITH A WOMAN OF AVERAGE HEIGHT (5’5”).  He is two feet taller than the avg. female. (And a 140 I.Q is two standard deviations above a normal or average. I.Q) .HE COULD HAVE ALL 5’5” FEMALES OR ALL 7’5” MALES, HOWEVER, BUT THE MATHEMATICAL AVERAGE BETWEEN 7’5” AND 5’5” IS 6’5”.  Therefore the majority of offspring from this genetic combination would be closer to the middle or the mathematical average of the height between the two parents. THIS IS THE TREE IN BETWEEN AND THIS IS WHAT THE GERMAN SHEPHERD IS.
















If you think that O.J. Simpson shocked and awed them at USC, (IF YOU THINK THAT RIN TIN (a German Shepherd) WAS EASILY TRAINED wait until O.J. Simpson hit the NFL where he really set the record 2003 LASSIE (a Border Collie) A REAL SHEPHERDING DOG BREED YARDS.  The sheepherding dog breeds are much more easily trained due to their high intelligence.








Sheepherding dog breeds are also athletic-academic double doubles like David Robinson the Admiral (GRADUATE OF ANNAPOLIS (U.S. Naval Academy) SO IS JIMMY CARTER, AN NUCLEAR ENGINEER/ U.S.  PRESIDENT. HIS DAUGHTER, AMY CARTER IS A GRADUATE OF HIGH IN THE IVY- BROWN UNIV):7 foot NBA Basketball center and MVP (1): Best Defensive player (1): Olympic gold medalist (2): and NBA championships (2)




The Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie)is one of the 3 most intelligent AKC dog breeds in the entire world. Dan Rose Ph. D., my St. Andrew’s Episcopal Biology teacher had a Sheltie whom followed him around the campus.  Patrick Frascogna one of my close friends at St. Andrew’s, fed Dr. Rose’s Sheltie some cat scraps preserved in formaldehyde one day and the dog became ill.  Pat was somewhat mischievous but really meant no harm and did not know that this would make the dog sick. Well Dan A. Rose, which is what we called him, noticed that his dog was acting sick (displaying the signs and symptoms of illness) and logically deduced that someone in the class had fed his dog some of the cat scraps from the preserved cats we were dissecting.  Dan A. Rose started crying as he mentioned that I know that you are young and you won’t admit to it but that was my dog and you should know better.  The students in his biology class all knew that Pat Frascogna had fed the Sheltie the cat scraps and we did not rat out Pat but we all looked at Pat from out of the corner of our eyes like the James Bond movie Dr. NO, if looks could kill Pat Frascogna would have been cut into cat scraps himself.  The Sheltie threw up the food, Mother Nature’s protective defenses against bodily harm and NO HARM NO FOUL. This is how illness is actually recognized in Mother Nature, by the 5 senses. Can you imagine the Sheltie systematically searching for poison and seeking the services of a poison specialist (Toxicologist) at SFGH, Charles Becker M.D.?

Pat Frascogna never did this again.


Pat Frascogna’s dad (Xavier Sr.) was a Petroleum Geologist (TALL TREE). He died of lung cancer in 1983.  He had two sons that became attorney’s (TALL TREES) Pat and Xavier Jr



Is this the Frascogna sheepherding dog breed?


Is my nuclear family, the Russell-Ransom (Really mostly the Ransom side) sheepherding dog breed?  6 perfect takes , an M.D. (myself-Gerald Russell); MBA ( Miranda- 10 mos. Younger); Chief Petty officer in the navy w/ 140 I.Q. (Tony Jr.) ; BSN Reganda ( Bachelors of Science  in Nursing/ Cal State Long Beach) ICU-RN Nurse. (Med-Surg/ CCU/ Neuro / Burn Unit ICU-RN Certifications).   The mother, Princella Ransom –Russell- Davis remarried to a bricklayer (Mason) some years later after custody of her first 4 children was removed by Child Protective Services (CPS) after she scalded the baby girl Reganda. She had two more children,  my half-siblings,  Andre Davis (Masters in Mechanical Engineering-Miss. State Univ.); Selena Davis (CPA- B.A. Accounting W/Honors-Miss. State Univ.)  In addition, Frankie Ransom, (Cousin) who grew up on this same plot of family land handed down from sharecropper days is a Journalist (Newspaper reporter) with the LA Times.  Ann Ransom , the mother's baby sister, (Maternal Aunt) is an RN, herself.  We spent 9 mos. in an orphanage in Los Angeles, CA.  until the paternal grandparents agreed to become our legal guardians in Jackson, MS.  I was 5 years old (1968 -The same year Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Watts burned/ Chicago burned/ Detroit burned/ Newark burned). Jon “The Lang” Langford (ENT Surgeon), John “The Bean” Wiener (Urologist) and Catherine Grey (Valedictorian and now an Attorney) ALL STARTED ST. ANDREW’S EPISCOPAL AT AGE 3 YRS. They were already at St. Andrew’s Episcopal for two maybe three years then when I started 1st grade at Westside Elementary and Jr. High in Jackson, MS. Westside Elementary and Jr. High did not integrate until 1970. (DEEP IN THE HOLE=LOW SOCIOECONOMIC BACKGROUND GRAND MOTHER 10 GRADE EDUCATION GRAND DAD 6 GRADE EDUCATION)   This is not the enriched uranium environment(s) that most WASP’s at ST. Andrew’s Episcopal were raised in by a long shot. See Officer Brown Effect Influence of environment and genetics on IQ. (By definition, the rare exception)
















 Jon “The Lang” Langford, an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon (Tall Tree) in private practice in Concord, NC (Suburb of Raleigh-Durham, NC)., a St. Andrew’s Episcopal classmate of mine, started ST. Andrew’s Episcopal at age 3 yrs.  He was not raised in blue collar environments or in a group of 4 kids with the next youngest being 10 mos. Younger (Miranda- MBA). His dad, Herbert Langford M.D. is a professor of internal medicine (TALL TREE) at the Univ. of Miss. Medical center, Jackson MS.  Herbert Langford’s specialty within internal medicine is Nephrology (Kidney Specialist) and his research interest is Hypertension in African-Americans, a disease with strong genetic links.    




Jon Langford did his pre-med studies at Duke Univ. He attended the U. Of Miss School of medicine, a low ranked medical school and trained in ENT at Duke U. School of Medicine, requiring high NMBE Part I board scores to match in this particular training program. 


YET JON LANGFORD DID NOT MAKE National Merit semifinalist determined by PSAT scores in high school. While I made National Merit semifinalist at St. Andrew’s Episcopal from deep in the hole. 


John “The Bean” Wiener, my brother’s keeper and a ST. Andrew’s classmate of mine as well is an Jewish academic overachiever (Asians, Middle Easterners, Asiatic Indians and Jewish persons, as a rule of thumb, are overrepresented in white collar professions. They are the best and brightest off of the boat not representative of the average gene pool of the average person from their country of origin).  The ultimate Academic overachievers are of course the Asians.  These are the ultimate academic weapons and even the well to do WASP and the rest of the Mag-Levs (Off of the Boat) academic overachievers shake in the sight of the shadow of the Asians.


John Wiener is an Urologist (TALL TREE) in. He also started at St. Andrew’s Episcopal at age 3 yrs. His dad, Julian Wiener M.D. (TALL TREE), was the first Urologist in the state of Mississippi and wrote his own ticket (He charged what he wanted to charge within reason; estimated income~ $300,000 to $ 500,000 year). John Wiener M.D. Is an Attending Physician and Chief of Urology at The University Of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS. and also was raised in enriched uranium environments. He was the Jr. Class president while I was elected the Jr. Class treasurer even after starting at St. Andrew’s Episcopal at 8th grade with blue collar deep in the hole background/upbringing/environments. (I was on the welfare


John Wiener M.D.

Dept. Of Urology

Univ. Of Miss. Medical Center

2500 N. State St.

Jackson,  MS 39216-4505

Former Duke Univ Faculty member, Duke Univ. Medical Center, Children's Hospital- Pediatric Urological Section.


YET John “The Bean” Wiener DID NOT MAKE National Merit semifinalist determined by PSAT scores in high school. While I made National Merit semifinalist at St. Andrew’s Episcopal from deep in the hole. (By Definition, the rare exception) I also have higher MCAT scores than John Wiener M.D.









 IS LIGHT A WAVE OR A PARTICLE? (LOOK FOR THE KINK- THE AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT FAST TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS ARE IN THERE) (YOU MEANT PART CAUCASIAN/WHITE AND PART AFRICAN-AMERICAN) (Mendel’s law of the Hybrid cross) Derek Jeter or Yannick Noah or Dan O’ Brian or Halle Berry or Mariah Carey or Lenny Kravitz or Tasha Schiwekert or Ashley Poshtell or any African-American don’t you Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurmond.  First it wasn't enough that you forced us to breed against our will. (The Jimmy The Greek Effect/Heavily Influenced) Hand-Picked and Hand-Bred by the white slave masters for size, strength and high work capacity. You got No Soul, didn't Master P tell you, "Baby Shake what you got in Them JEANS!" Is that what they meant by" got"? Then the Fox or the white slave master flew all up into the chicken coop! (You meant flew all up into the into the Cynthia Cooper, WNBA point guard for the Houston Comets- Honey Mocha Caramel complexioned; a whole new different spin on DEEP IN THE HOLE FROM DEEP 3- POINT RANGE; YOU MEANT DEEP INTO THE SLAVE QUARTERS, DIDN'T YOU? THOMAS JEFFERSON AND ARCH SEGREGATIONIST STROM THURMOND) you meant that the Fox (white slave master) raided the Henhouse or do you mean the Air Raid In the Law of Mendel Autosomal Dominant Inheritance-The fast twitch muscle fibers in the NBA/WNBA/NFL/TRACK & FIELD or any sport that depends on great wheels. (For example-Tennis/ Look at the Slow motion camera isolation shots at Wimbledon or the U.S. Open) almost w/o exception every Tennis great is described as fleet of foot including John Mc Enroe, Bjorn Borg, Arthur Ashe, Althea Gibson (She was also a Pro Golfer-another Eye-Hand sport), Andre Agassi, Venus & Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Yannick Noah, Billie Jean King (Bisexual) and Martina Navratilova (Lesbian).


 This is why the Autosomal Dominant Fast-Twitch

Muscle Fibers are called the Athletic Directors


The AD'S!


 You will never be able to say we won in NCAA Division I Athletic Director sports (Largest TV. contracts Football followed by Basketball [Seton Hall –No Football, Basketball only] unless you have some African-Americans in there, otherwise you might as well be hitting with wood.   TRANSLATION- YOUR ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT WILL BE A FINANCIAL DRAIN (A black hole) without the help of the AD’S or the Athletic Directors. The BCS (Bowl Championship Series); You meant the Black Championship Series didn’t you. You won’t be able to say we bowl we roll without the AD’S in there. OR PART SHEEPHERDING DOG BREED THE MOST INTELLIGENT DOG BREEDS IN THE WORLD- TALL TREES AND ACADEMIC/ATHLETIC DOUBLE-DOUBLES); FOR THE WHITE FEMS THIS WOULD BE A QUANTUM LEAP (ST. ANDREW’S EPISCOPAL LONG JUMPER/SLAM DUNKING A BASKETBALL W/ A RUNNING START) QUANTUM YIELD.

I played almost every skills position [This means by definition: Agility, Quickness, Footspeed and body control] for the St. Andrew's Episcopal Football team (Deion Sanders- [You are my Everything-the TOP 40 Hit-Andy Gibb] Cornerback, Punt Returner, Wide Receiver, Kickoff Returner and Running Back).

I also was the St. Andrew's Episcopal Long Jumper- JACK BE NIMBLE, JACK BE QUICK, AND JACK JUMP OVER THE CANDLE STICK!

 The White fem ferts know who Dwight Gooden is now, otherwise known as "Dr. K". The Salsoul Orchestra had soul with it , They Know who the SOS Band is and that HIT SONG-(The top 40 hit-140 IQ is me), "Just Be Good To Me".  You meant Save Our Ship, didn't you? Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of Flyte Time Productions  We produce Champions! Otherwise known as James Harris III and Terry Lewis.


Now you know Who the "Superwoman" is now Karyn White, the wife of Terry Lewis, another Top 40 Hit, produced by LA Reid & Babyface, of LaFace Productions. Or did you mean Kellie White from Union City, CA, this "Superwoman" ? US Track & Field 100m, 200m, and World 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay (Anchor leg was Kellie White) champion.  Her father was an NCAA Division I sprinter for UC Berkeley, while her mother was an world class Jamaican sprinter. YOU MEANT GREYHOUNDS BRED FOR SPEED, DIDN'T YOU?



How are you?


 Do you have any female fem fert relatives? Are you are fert?  Momma’s baby, Daddy's maybe?  .

      By the way this is Project Iraqi Freedom and every fert in the herd of all 5 billion are part of the coalition,  I know you know the Australia part of the coalition, otherwise known as the DOWN UNDER part of the coalition.


You will never get a little near rel in there unless you go down under there !


 You meant you will never get a leg up on the competition, Lehighton Hewitt, former #1 ranked ATP tennis player, whose dad is a professional Rugby player from Australia, unless you go down under there.


  We all know Steve “Air” Mc Nair and it ain`t no groove in that air. I know you know the Ashley Postell, Bi-Racial world gymnastics champion; at age 15 she won last year, this year she didn't win

    Now you know at UCSF School of Medicine, they gave me a new name, by the second month (Fall 1988) They even promoted me to doc,  My new name was  Dr. Snell (Dr. Snell’s Atlas of clinical anatomy- The walking book-Reading is Fundamental –RIF to the Verbal-Visual) all 144 UCSF medical students described me this way. One day when the TA (A White South African Trained General and Vascular Surgeon) was at our Cadaver, an 73 African -American female whom cause of death was diffuse Infiltrating Gastric Lymphoma [I.E. Stomach Cancer], he asked the group, which consisted of 4 medical students, Mario Quintero, a Hispanic male from East LA whose family immigrated across the Mexican Border when Mario was 3 years old, yes they were blue collar, yes, this is deep in the hole, Mario, from the Barrio, but he did well enough in high school to get a scholarship to High In the Ivy –Yale , where he majored in Pre-Med. He also did well enough to enter the 1988 UCSF School of Medicine class along with the other 2 UCSF medical students in this group, Mark, a white male from LA (UCLA grad) who is now an Interventional Cardiologist (They mostly use diamond drills to remove cholesterol Plaques from clogged arteries, like a Rotor Rooter Effect), he had a major Phobia [Panic Attacks] about anything to do with heart disease as his dad died of a heart attack when he was in High school. The other medical student in our group was a quiet white male whose name I don’t remember who is now a Psychiatrist. The South African trained Vascular Surgeon-TA [Teaching Assistant] asked this group about stomach cancer. When I finished answering these questions The General Surgeon/TA was so impressed that he stated “Are You a Surgeon?”  I guess he thought I was Mag-Leving into the US like him and that I was already a medical doctor. No, I was just a 1st year medical student.  This is when Mark, the Interventional cardiologist, coined the Name Dr. Snell, the walking book; this was the name of one of our gross anatomy textbooks. Dr. Snell’s Textbook of Clinical Anatomy. This is how I was promoted to doc, even by the second month. All 144 medical students soon saw this same RIF effect and then Lisa Benton (TALL TREE), an African –American medical student started asking me “Dr. Snell will you help tutor me in Gross Anatomy?” Yes, I did tutor her in gross anatomy.  Lisa’s dad was the 1st African-American General Surgeon (TALL TREE) in Oakland, CA. Lisa went to the best private schools that Northern California had to offer and did her pre-med at Stanford Univ. This was an enriched Uranium Environment that she was raised in.

        BY THE WAY THEY ALL DESCRIBE THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS AS SLOW AND GRADUAL JUST LIKE POISON. These interviews would bury the ADA (Rotten Odor In Denmark) High wide and deep in a court of law. This is the miracle that allows the Camel to go thru the eye of the needle.


I know you know the Dr. Snell. I was described by all 144 UCSF School Of Medicine Students as Dr. Snell's Atlas of Clinical Anatomy, the walking book, reading is fundamental to the Verbal-Visual, at the #1 ranked MCAT Scores and GPA'S of any medical school in the US for several years in a row running.  Lisa Benton, a African- American UCSF Medical Student, stated to me "Dr. Snell, help tutor me with my gross anatomy" She is from Oakland, CA, her father is the 1st African-American General Surgeon (TALL TREE) in Oakland,CA.  Lisa Benton is a graduate of Stanford Univ. (Pre-Med); is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and went to the best Private schools that Northern California has to offer.


   I came from deep in the hole, low socioeconomic background, Jackson State Univ. being raised by grandparents from the age of five years old. (Grandmother- 10 grade education, Grandfather- 6 grade education). My elementary school did not integrate UNTIL 1970 (In 1968, I started at Westside Elementary & Jr. High, Subdivision #2 Jackson, MS, a Hinds County School) at age 5 yrs. In 1968, MLK Jr.  (NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER). was assassinated, Watts burned, Detroit, Chicago, and Newark, NJ also burned. See Officer Brown Effect- (By definition, the rare exception) No Nobel prize for you in Peace, Medicine or Psychology, I am the triple Nobel Prize Laureate. Yet I did this anyway...       


I know you, know the Fidel (Castro),  and I know you know the Annia the Hatch, (a world class Afro-Cuban gymnast who immigrated from Cuba), I know you know I open the latch, I know you know she's married, but I know you know the one on one, one for her significant other and one for the ringer, the Gipper, that's me!!


    I know you know the Kyla 'The" Pratt. and I know you know the other One on One.  I know you know the Dr. Doolittle, and I know you the Love and Basketball,  and I know you know on the next door and know you know on the UPN door,  Though I know you know she's young, They all know will it be baking soda or vinegar douche, because I prefer you all to bear me a son. And I know you know I won. (This changes the Ph of the Vagina, one selects for the X sperm [Girl baby] one selects for the Y sperm [Boy baby], No Guarantees, but it increases the chance a significant smidge).


I know you know the Blu Cantrell, The blueprint of/to life is DNA. There will no Giddy-Up and Go unless you get in Mendel's law of the Autosomal Dominant fast twitches, just look for the kink and I know you know they are in there. For the "Dwight in you" who don't fast twitch, Didn't John Mc Enroe, tell you? 'You cannot be serious, the ball was on the line, chalk flew up!”. News Flash, chalk does not fly-up unless your name is Dwight Stones. Dwight Stones, whom once held the world record in the High-Jump and is an Olympic Gold medalist in the high-jump, is now a professional track and field commentator and of course he fast twitches.  However, do the experiment in your minds, Louis Pasteur, the total Package, and the greatest mind the field of Microbiology has ever known, your division I NCAA program in Basketball will drop like rock unless you can get some guys in there that can shoot some/that rock and shoot some/that hoop. You will never be able to say "WE WON" in Division I Basketball unless you got some, " Got Some What?", got some African-Americans, otherwise you might as well be hitting with wood. The net spin is remember when the NBA used to be all white, now it's mostly African-American. Now interpret the results of this experiment Charles Darwin, the Theory of Evolution, Law of Natural Selection, and Survival of the Fittest. You meant THE DARWINIAN-LIKE CUT to make it into the NBA, NFL, Medical and Law School.


         The statistical frequency of fast-twitch muscle fibers in races of African (Negroid) descent are nearly 100%, while in the other races of the world, Caucasian, Dwight Stones,  Middle Eastern, Andre Agassi, Asiatic Indian, Vijay Amritrage , Asian; Michael Chang and Yao Ming (His vertical leap is slightly sub par,  at 7’5” why even measure? This is what it means to be near 7 ft in the NBA), the fast twitches do occur. However, the statistical frequency is rather low.   NOW WE HAVE A NEW SAYING “ONLY FOR THE DWIGHT”


  Dan O' Brian and Ashley Postell, they fast Twitch, I know you know the Lisa Benton, (High Yellow  w/ light Freckles, Naturally Auburn Hair, "I'm not Irish", her dad {TALL TREE- General Surgeon} has a receding hair line and hair so straight that he grows it out like a white person to cover-up the receding hair line}, BOTH HEAVILY INFLUENCED IN MENDEL'S LAW OF THE HYBRID CROSS. I know you know the Lisa Benton,  I know you know it's written, it's by the definition, they are direct in the Mendel's law of the Hybrid cross,  1/2 African-American 1/2 white. (I had her on live feeds at Soul Train- she {Blu Cantrell} is also married and heavily influenced in Mendel's law of the Hybrid Cross, [High Yellow].


I know you know in the NFL, I know you know the O.J. Simpson, and I know you know the Nicole and I know you know I roll.

  I know you know the Cato, an entirely whole new different spin, and I know you know we roll.

  I know you know the Oprah Wininge, I know you know The Harpo; I know you know we produce, I know you know we produce champions, and I know you know we roll sometimes.

    I know you know Ty Ty Baby, I know you know the Top Model, and I know you know the Tyra Banks and I know you know we produce champions, and I know you know we roll sometimes.


   I know you know a different type of mino, the VIP, the Pamela Sue Anderson, she Mag-Leved all the way in here from Canada, I know you know we produce in the Med Game, I know you know Dow Corning (Breast Implants), I know you know we boost, I know you know we produce champions, I know you know we roll sometimes..

    I know you know Bill Cosby, I know you know he's the cousin, In Mendel's Law of the Hybrid Cross (Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurmond) , I know you know we produce champions, I know you know we roll sometimes.

    I know you the Bernie Worrell, the Keyboard player for Parliament Funkadelic, THE UNCUT P-FUNK.  "Not just Knee Deep, she was totally Three Deep when she did The Freak with me"  At the age of three, he learned how to play the key, (THE KEY TO LIFE IS THE BLUEPRINT-DNA I COULD READ AT AGE 3.5 YRS, IF I HAD STARTED AT ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL AT AGE 3 YRS AND BEEN IN ENRICHED URANIUM ENVIRONMENTS LIKE JON LANGFORD, his dad is Herbert Langford M.D., a Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine at The U. Of  Miss. School of Medicine, whose medical specialty is Nephrology, and his research interest is Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) in African-Americans, a disease with strong genetic links. {You know the Boat, Whips and Chains, Destiny's Child "Say My Name" In the Throes of Ecstasy, Beyonce' Knowles, you know I roll (Live feeds at The View- I Know you know the Annia the Hatch, You know I open the Latch, I know you know she's married, but I know you know the One on One, one for her significant other and one for the ringer, the Gipper, that's me!), You meant now make the whips and chains sound "Kunta Kinte, now your name is Toby, now you know the Jimmy the Greek (Effect) and I know you need to be beat, if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em, (Thomas Jefferson, Strom Thurmond, The NFL, NBA and The Heavily Influenced Top 40 Hits- R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Gospel Tinged Renditions and I know you know the Lisa Benton, Heavily Influenced in Mendel's Law of the Hybrid Cross].     

  and the age of 11, he published his first Symphony.

 He scored a movie with John C. Mc Ginley, who played the role of In the Law (A police officer or Law Enforcement), [You meant In the Law of Polygenic Inheritance, didn’t you?] You meant canine or the German Shepherd or K-9, Rin Tin Tin, you know I win. I am Shepherd’s Building Supply, Border Collies (it rhymes with poly) are the most intelligent dog breeds in the entire world, Academic and Athletic double-doubles.

   You know the song "The MotherShip Connection" with Bootsy Collins a Virtuoso on the electric bass, the foundation of music,  signing the lead Vocals, "Hip, Hip, To The MotherShip,  Starchild Here"  You mean the Breeder Reactor, producing weapons grade Plutonium.  You mean that we Increase the Bandwidth and the memory on the Chip of that new Double-Data Rate Memory (DDR).  You meant the Motherboard Connection.


    We Increase the sustained transfer rates and the burst transfer rates of Hard disk drive electronics, otherwise known as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) , We even increase the Arial density of the Hard disk platter itself, that is the law(s) of Gauss, Faraday, Coulomb, and Volt the Jolt.  We Increase the number of tracks of magnetic storage, You know the READ AND WRITE heads that read the information off the Hard disk Platter. The hardware reviewers simply describe it as simply blazing performance, those new Ultra-ATA 133 Hard Drives. [ACT score/Hist=33; 99% rank, this simply blazing performance-by definition, the rare exception]  You meant when they fire the starting pistol on the track, Kellie White, US Track & Field 100m, 200m. Champion and World 100m, 200m and 4x 100m relay champion. (Her father was a sprinter for UC Berkley- NCAA Division I; Her mother was a world class Jamaican sprinter-GREYHOUNDS BRED FOR SPEED).

        Translation {The Uncut P-Funk}: We DECREASE BOOT TIMES AND WE SPEED UP THE BOOT PROCESS, Bootsy Collins, also had some solo albums, BOOTZILLA & BOOTSY’S RUBBER BAND. Everybody (Parliament Funkadelic) played on it, including Bernie Worrell.  

         We decrease the access times to MS OFFICE,  This means we/I decrease access times to  MS Word [Verbal-Visual; Reading at age 3.5 yrs.] : We/I decrease the access times to MS Excel [Academic excellence],  We/I Improve the Point spread [IQ pt. spread] MS PowerPoint:  We increase the access,  MS Access [ To Academic scholarships:5 of 6-The dyslexic, 140 IQ did not get one] We improve the (MS) Outlook Photogenic, rhymes with Polygenic,  Judge Hatchett  and Judge Judy are the photogenic judges,  we increase the bandwidth and the memory on the chip of compact flash memory for digital cameras, and we increase the mega pixels, MS Picture It! [Baby Pictures], You know the 3-D on a sports body for gymnastics don’t you, Ashley Postell, Annia Hatch, Tasha Schwiekret and Dominique Dawes , You meant this type of compact flash. Or did you mean Spud Webb, 5’9” and can slam dunk. This is Wrecks-n-Effects, State of Shock, Dominique Dawes,  we dominate, the shocks and the awe.  This type of compact flash, they all fast twitch, you won’t be getting air in there in front of the gymnastics judges like these ferts unless you fast- twitch. Is this the NBA slam dunk contest?


I am a gifted natural golfer, my every golf round was reconstructed by an FBI-like background check and the average driving distance was ~325 yards with conventional wood clubs w/ steel shafts. THIS IS ABOUT 30 YARDS FARTHER THAN TIGER WOODS AND THE ENTIRE PGA. In the modern game w/ titanium woods, graphite shafts (Fishing rod-whiplike effect) and pro Titleist (XX-lively) golf balls, this translates into about a 400-430 yard driving avg. THIS IS ABOUT 100 YARDS FARTHER ONCE THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE MADE (ADDITONAL70-80 YARDS DUE TO THE WHIP, LIVELY BALLS AND METAL CONSTRUCTION (DEFLECTS LESS IMPARTS MORE ENERGY TO THE BALL THAN WOOD CLUBS).
This is untapped genetic potential which pushes the envelope of golfing abilty as golf is a sport of limited access for disadvantaged groups. I had a late start at age 17 years, while Tiger Woods started at 2 years old.
In every swing sport I ever attempted I was a natural. I have naturally gifted genetic abilty in the CNS swing motor control program.


This means, Tennis (Venus/Serena Williams, John/Patrick McEnroe, Golf ( Hank & Kelly Kunhe; John & Heather Daly), Racquetball and Baseball (Ken Griffey Sr./ Ken Griffey Jr. ;Bobby/ Barry Bonds. These are the ones which I tried. This extends to all racquet sports and even handball. I have a rapid learning curve and can swing with precision, power and accuracy (3-D Visual Spatial/ Depth Perception " The ability to aim and hit objects in 3-D space is "Like Radar In There".)
As the Steve "Air" McNair (QB of the Tennessee Titans; a graduate of Alcorn State University, an HBCU in Lorman, MS and a NFL MVP) [led the NFL in QB rating] and the rest of these NFL QB's can tell you, "It ain't no groove in that air".  Archie Manning-Eli & Peyton Manning; Calvin Pete and Rodney Pete; Bob Griese and Brian Griese; Phil and Chris Simms; Michael Vick and Marcus Vick and his cousin, Brooks, the Starting QB for the New Orleans Saints. I can hit moving objects with aplomb as well as stationary objects with direction, finesse and raw power for my body size. (Arthur Ashe- type frame).
If the sport were baseball I could make an attempt on the .400 batting average record held by Ted Williams and flirted with by Tony Gwen (Son-Anthony Gwen was a 2nd round MLB draft pick) and Rod Carew. I can hit for power (home runs) as well but larger bodies (Sammy Sosa) can hit it out more often, but I have good power
for my size. Barry Bonds transformed his thin body with weights from a slim contact hitter who stole 52 bases as a rookie (High avg./
little power) into a record setting home run hitter (Big Power) who is a 6- time MLB MVP.
Hitting a moving object is the most difficult skill in all of sports. To excel at this task requires superb visual acuity, (ability to see fine detail-better than 20/20), Exceptional Visual-Spatial (ability to see in 3-D space/depth perception), visual tracking (ability to follow moving objects with coordinated eye movements), superb reflexes (low/quick reaction times) and a precise controlled repetitive swing (swing motor control program in the CNS).
This is also transferable to every swing sport. Therefore, In the detailed FBI-Like reconstruction of the life history I excelled at Tennis, Golf, Racquetball and Baseball (hitting-not throwing) with rapid learning curves and high abilty for the amount of exposure to each sport.
Tiger Woods-2 yrs. Venus/Serena Williams-3-5 yrs. Andre Agassi-3 yrs. Jimmy Connors-3 yrs.
Arthur Ashe-5 yrs; Bjorn Borg-7-8 yrs. John McEnroe- 7-8 yrs...etc.. Most professionals in the modern day will start very young and 8 is too late.


In addition, I have the superior agility and quickness to go with these abilties-I.E. GOOD WHEELS. I am no Carl Lewis in a straight line but I was the lead-off hitter, outfielder and the pinch-runner/ Base stealer in High-School Baseball.
On a Tennis or Racquetball court or in the infield or outfield, I can close the net quickly and hit running wide Groundstrokes with the best African-Americans that I was pitted against. I can change direction on a dime and make diving stab catches. I can cover a tightly enclosed racquetball court like greased lightning with ball retrieval/counterpunching skills
that match the eye-hand and shot making ability like a Master Formula One race car driver with the best handling and quickest machine on the tightest track layout in Grand Prix.

My Visual acuity is better than 20/10 (OFF SCALE ON A DOCTOR'S EYE CHART) I have read a Snellen Eye Chart all the way down to the fine print,
IT IS EST. TO BE ABOUT 20/7 TO 20/5. I can see fine detail at 20 feet that a normal person can see at 5-7 ft.

In short to maximize my genetic potential I need a clone of me, Period. I can give many of these genetic traits to my offspring, esp. Verbal-Visual ability; high IQ; and Eye-Hand coordination and I am willing to do this for anyone.
The more of these abilities you match/possess, the more likely the offspring will be close to the parents. My spitting image can be produced from a somewhat dissimilar mother but the CNS motor control program; superior intelligence, Vastly superior verbal-visual, and the (3-D Visual Spatial/ Depth Perception " The ability to aim and hit objects in 3-D space "
Like Radar In There".) is more likely to be inherited than the proper body and levers (arm, wrist, trunk length) small hips, light bone structure (high power/weight ratios) and so on.
It is possible as you know by looking at your own relatives and other families and seeing the mother or dad look-alike.
This is what I am dreaming of and I can help others as well like a sort of Robin-Hood giving to the poor.


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